Mail Call!

Mail Call!

Looking to send mail and packages to your on-campus student? Don't let your heartfelt messages get lost.

To receive USPS mail or packages, students living in residence halls must obtain a P.O. Box from the Mississippi State University Post Office. This can be done through the USPS website.

Please note, if a package is larger than P.O. Box size, the MSU Post Office will hold it at the desk for pickup and the student will be notified.

Below are the prices and dimensions for P.O. Boxes. Prices and availability are subject to change.
3” x 5.5”
3 months $17
6 months $30
12 months $60

5.5" x 11"
3 months $45
6 months $78
12 months $156

When sending your package to a student with a P.O. Box, use the following format:
Full Name
P.O. Box Number
Mississippi State, MS 39762

Students in residence halls who do not choose to obtain a P.O. Box will not receive USPS mail.

  • Packages from DSL, FedEx, UPS, and Amazon can be delivered directly to the residence hall.
  • NOTE: Providers such as DSL, Fed Ex, or UPS do have national contracts with USPS. Often times these providers will have USPS deliver these packages on their behalf. With that being said, sometimes even if a package is from DSL, Fed Ex, or USP, it will be delivered to the Post Office (USPS) and the Post Office (USPS) will then become responsible for the delivery/pick up of that package. That is why it’s best for students to have a P.O. Box while on campus.

When sending a package to a student without a P.O. Box, use the following format:
Full Name
Name of Residence Hall
Wing & Room Number
Street Address
Mississippi State, MS 39762

Residence Hall Street Addresses

  • Cresswell Hall, 36 Magruder Street
  • Critz Hall, 685 Barr Avenue
  • Deavenport Hall, 220 Bailey Howell Drive
  • Dogwood Hall, 705 George Perry Street
  • Griffis Hall, 500 Bailey Howell Drive
  • Hathorn Hall, 76 Magruder Street
  • Herbert Hall, 170 Herbert Street
  • Hull Hall, 85 Walker Road
  • Hurst Hall, 95 Hurst Lane
  • Magnolia Hall, 15 Morgan Avenue
  • Mary Lyn and Niles R. Moseley Hall, 55 Magruder Street
  • McKee Hall, 450 Lee Boulevard
  • Nunnelee Hall 215 Hurst Lane
  • Oak Hall, 205 Magruder Street
  • Ruby Hall, 75 Hurst Lane
  • Sessums Hall, 459 Lee Boulevard

Visit our Mail & Packages page for more information.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about sending mail or packages to on-campus residents, please call us at 662-325-3555 or email us at