Living-Learning & Themed Communities

Living, Learning, & Themed Communities

College of Forrest Resources (CFR)

This LLC for natural resource majors, housed in Cresswell Hall, will provide students an opportunity to attend the same classes, establish study groups, and network and live with like-minded students. The College of Forest Resources is a small college with career paths that provide students continuous interaction with classmates from the first day of college throughout their careers. Students in this LLC will find a valuable opportunity to ease the transition to college and to build relationships within the natural resource field. Students must be majoring in the College of Forest Resources (Forestry; Natural Resource and Environmental Conservation; Sustainable Bioproducts; or Wildlife, Fisheries and Aquaculture) to participate in this LLC. For more information, visit:

Promise Scholars

Housed in Cresswell Hall, The Promise Scholars Living-Learning Community is a specialized experience crafted for first-year students enrolled with the Promise Program housed under the Division of Access, Diversity and Inclusion (ADI). Promise Scholars engage in an intimate and intentional learning environment that aids their transition to MSU, strengthens their academic success skills, and provides early exposure to graduate and career readiness opportunities through experiential learning. Participation in the Promise Scholars LLC is required for first-year students selection for the Promise Program first-year cohort. For more information please visit:

Luckyday Scholars

Frank Rogers Day, a native of Aberdeen and former chairman of the board and CEO of Trustmark National Bank, founded the Luckyday Foundation to assist young Mississippians in pursuing their goals of higher education. In addition to helping students afford college expenses, Luckyday encourages students to graduate in four years while maintaining academic standards and community involvement. Through specific programming with the Luckyday Scholars Program, the selected scholars have opportunities to develop as servant leaders striving to give back to their peers, university, and communities. Luckyday Scholars are housed in Cresswell Hall. For more information please visit: 

Air Force ROTC

Housed in Ruby Hall, the Air Force ROTC Living & Learning Community provides you an opportunity to live in a community with other first-year students enrolled in Air Force ROTC, supporting them as they transition to college life and providing a vital social and professional support network. Community members help prepare and motivate one another to achieve greater physical fitness levels, campus involvement and skills to enable academic success. Upperclassmen cadets can live in the LLC and have the opportunity to serve as Resident Advisors and mentors to the first-year students. The community produces a critical network of peers who will assist each other throughout their Mississippi State University and Air Force careers. For more information please visit:

Griffis Living Learning Community

The Griffis Learning Community (GLC) brings together a group of approximately 16 incoming freshmen, both men and women, who live in Griffis Hall. These students will take the CO 1003-H03 Honors Fundamentals of Public Speaking with Ms. Amy Fountain in the Fall semester which can be used to meet core curriculum requirements in most academic majors, and a wide variety of majors are represented among the participants in the GLC each year. The purpose of this community is to provide first-year honor students the opportunities to attend the same class, establish study groups, network, and live with like-minded students. This community will help students transition to college and begin to build relationships within the Living Learning Community. For more information please visit: