College View

Image description: College View Apartments building with swimming pool in foreground

College View

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Apartment style

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Apartment / Residence Hall Living Comparisons

Apartment with your own bedroom and bathroom - in which your common areas will be shared with your roommate(s). Large room with your own bed and desk (bathroom dependent upon building). You share your room with your roommate and common areas with other residents in the building.
MSU Upper-Division Students (sophomores, juniors, seniors, grad students) All MSU students permitted
Residence Life Programming focused on fostering community Residence Life Programming focused on fostering community, adjusting to college, and learning about self care and social initiatives
Community staff prepared to handle maintenance requests and host events within the complex Resident Advisor & GRD/CD professionals who are equipped to aid you with any situation you may face within the residence hall
Pet Friendly Service and ESA animals permitted
12 Month Lease (August - July) 9 Month Contract (August - May)
Monthly Rent Semester Housing Cost (charged to student account)
Parking at College View with Commuter options available on campus Parking at or near your residence hall with no need to commute
Alcohol permitted for residents 21+ Alcohol is not permitted
Open visitation for guests (with limited parking) Visitation guidelines for guests
Independent living MSU staff & faculty support
Laundry appliances in apartment Laundry in building, $1.50/load
Housing location is set for one year Option to move to other residence halls (when space permits)