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A photo of the outside view of Cresswell Hall

Cresswell Hall

"I knew Cresswell Hall was home from day one. My RA and the entire residence life staff has made me feel at home since move-in day. I can't imagine living anywhere else!" -Jaylen Mayfield, Waynesboro, MS

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Critz Hall

Critz Hall

"The community in Critz has been awesome. I've felt support and encouragement by everyone in the building through hall-wide programs, visiting at the Fresh Food Company, and going to sporting events together." -Chris Johnson, Clinton, MS

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Deavenport Hall

Deavenport Hall

"Deavenport has such a welcoming and warm community that makes everyone feel at home. Whether you're an in-state student or and out-of-state student, Deavenport quickly becomes a home away from home! The Deavenport RAs are always greeting students and looking for ways to help them in any way. The Deavenport staff makes sure every student feels that they belong. I love living here!" -Nicole Lee, Olive Branch, MS

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Dogwood Hall

Dogwood Hall

"The best parts about living in Dogwood are the open spaces and the great community! Being able to go out in the common areas and hang out and study in an inviting environment makes me feel more connected with the other students living here! " -Kennedy Coffin, Norfolk VA

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A photo of the outside view of Griffis Hall

Griffis Hall

"Griffis Hall caters to every type of student by hosting about every program imaginable. From ping pong tournaments to having the Shackouls Honors College offices down the hall from your room, there is always something going on that gets residents engaged." -Austin Walker, Kennesaw, GA

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A photo of the outside view of Hathorn Hall

Hathorn Hall

"I loved living in Hathorn because it was such a warm and inviting community to live in. You can always find people to go to dinner, class, or even the gym with. It was a truly wonderful experience." -Grace Wegener, Memphis, TN

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An outside view of Herbert Hall

Herbert Hall

"Herbert fosters an environment that is filled with residents that really believe and encourage one another. Herbert is so much more than a residence hall, it's a family." -Reg Hawkins, Itta Bena, MS

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An outside view of Hull Hall

Hull Hall

"Hull has the best location ever. It's close to Davis Wade Stadium, the Colvard Student Union, the Sanderson Center and the Hump. The community here is amazing. My RA always makes me feel like I am at home. I absolutely love living in Hull!" -Mycayla Hommel, Tylertown, MS

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An outside view of Hurst Hall

Hurst Hall

"Living in Hurst, I feel like I am ten minutes from everything including the Drill Field. It also provides a great atmosphere for everything from study groups to casual hang outs in the Zacharius Village Courtyard." -Laura Bello, Stafford, VA

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A view from the courtyard of Magnolia Hall

Magnolia Hall

"Living in Magnolia was a lot of fun and the hall staff made it really easy to get involved. I joined C.O.R.E at the beginning semester and from there I really started feeling connected to Mississippi State and the Bulldog Family." -Erin Taylor, Germantown, TN

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An outside view of McKee Hall

McKee Hall

"There is always so much going on in McKee. Our RD really made an effort to connect and get to know all of the residents. Living in an all-male residence hall is really cool because I'm still best friends with almost everyone who lived on my hall." -Darien Morel, Alabaster, Alabama

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An exterior photo of Moseley Hall

Moseley Hall

"I've lived in Moseley Hall for three years now. I love that I can make friends on my hall easily while hanging out at hall events while also having a great room I can go back to have my space and do homework." -Austin Fortenberry, Madison, MS

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Nunnelee Hall

Nunnelee Hall (formerly North)

"My experience in Nunnelee was great for many reasons, but especially because of the hall staff. They planned unique and exciting programs us!" -Gabby Favre, Bay St. Louis, MS

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An outside view of Oak Hall

Oak Hall

"I loved my time in Oak because of the RAs, they really spent time building an inviting community. Also, being an out-of-state student the custodial staff really made me feel at home. They are always so kind and I know they really care about the students living in Oak." -Kyle Herfurth, Orange, TX

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An outside view of Ruby Hall

Ruby Hall

"I love being able to walk out of the back door to the Sanderson Center or walk up the hill to the Colvard Student Union. I've also really enjoyed the activities that C.O.R.E plans, it seems like there is always something going on at Ruby." -Eddie Mac Huddleston, Pontotoc, MS

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The front entrance for Sessums Hall

Sessums Hall

"Sessums is the kind of place where you intentionally keep your door open to see who else just got home. Your neighbors become like sisters to you. There is no place on campus that feels quite like this!" -Nicole Blackmon, Spanish Fort, AL

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