Mrs. Marva Clark

Celebrating the Life of Mrs. Marva Clark

Mrs. Marva Faye Clark was born on March 8, 1964 and passed away on December 29, 2020. She was fondly known by many as Mrs. Faye, and was a part of the MS State Housing and Residence Life Custodial Team; but she was so much more to those that met her.

She was a friendly smile that greeted you in the morning, the best listener and always willing to help. She was selfless, full of life and light, compassionate, and a loving person. She cared about each person that she came across.

Mrs. Faye is known for her friendly nature and caring spirit. It is only fitting that she was born on March 8th, 'International Women’s Day'. On this day we will celebrate all the great things women have done, but especially the legacy of Mrs. Faye.

“When I think about Mrs. Faye, I think about a woman who comes in every day and does the hard work in our residence halls. She works a pretty thankless job and does it with a smile on her face and a song in her heart. She takes so much pride in her work, and the relationships she builds with the girls on her floor are deep and honest and full of trust. Mrs. Faye is a woman who knows her worth and works to teach other women their own.”  ~ Stephanie Hill Skerlak, Community Director, Critz & Sessums Halls

She truly was a light in the HRL department. Mrs. Faye has worked for the HRL team for many years, spending time in several of the residence halls across campus and leaving an impact on thousands of students, staff and parents of MS State.

“She has a heart for serving others, especially students.” - Zack Agee, Community Director, McKee & Herbert Halls

One of the most memorable moments was the Thanksgiving dinner she prepared each year for the residents of McKee Hall. Mrs. Faye wanted to make sure all the residents had a warm meal on Thanksgiving, so she started preparing a full Thanksgiving dinner for the students. Over the last 12 years this evolved into quite the event! She worked with campus partners to attend the event. Some of those attendees included the Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Regina Hyatt, the Executive Director of Housing & Residence Life, Dr. Dei Allard, and the Associate Director of Occupancy Management & Residential Education, Dante Hill.

This event has been a long standing tradition that continues to grow, and the Housing and Residence Life team hopes to continue this tradition to honor Mrs.Faye each year. The students and staff look forward to it year after year.

The HRL team has plans to honor the life of Mrs. Marva Faye Clark in many different ways over the years. It was a blessing to know her and work beside her each day. She loved her family, students, her team members, people in general, and Mississippi State. She will be greatly missed. 

“Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another." - John C. Maxwell



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