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End of Year Move Out

If you are checking out of your room permanently for the year, there are a few things to check off the list before you say good-bye to your residence hall.


  1. Be sure to attend your floor meeting. Your RA will explain the entire check out process to you there. 
  2. Rooms must be vacated no later than 24 hours following the student's last scheduled final exam. Graduating seniors must move out by May 4 at 6:00 PM.
  3. Rooms must be left clean and rentable upon check out.
  4. Refrigerators and microwaves must be defrosted, emptied and cleaned.
  5. All personal belongings must be removed from the room.
  6. Keys must be returned, and other checkout procedures completed while checking-out with a residence hall staff member.
  7. Failure to properly check-out with an RA or RD will result in the student being assessed a $50 improper checkout penalty.
  8. Cleaning fees begin at $25 and increase depending on the extent of the cleaning that is necessary.
  9. Tap your ID card at the front desk when you leave (this will terminate your card access, so be sure that this is the last thing that you do).

*Students living in Dogwood and Hurst Halls will have the option to use Express Checkout. This process will be explained at floor meetings for those halls.

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