Dee Stegall

Humans of Housing: Dee Stegall

Name: Dee Stegall

Major: Communications (Public Relations)

Hometown: Smithville, MS

Residence Hall: Hull Hall

Experience: "All I can say about Hull is location, location, location. I am right in the middle of everything just like I had hoped for. I am in the middle of all the action on game day and I am a 10 minute walk from my furthest class. With being active on campus, Hull makes getting to my Senate and other meetings a breeze. My R.A's have been tremendous at making this a home-like space. Going out of their way to learn my name and take a interest in what I do on campus, which makes it feel like a real brotherhood. I didn't know how to feel about being a junior transfer student living in a residence hall but my experience has been great so far! I would recommend this to any student."

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