Living-Learning and Theme Communities

If you are interested in any of the Living-Learning Communities (LLC) or Theme Communities (TC) listed below and want to learn more, click the corresponding links. If you indicate interest in any LLC or TC on your Housing Application, your contact information will be sent to the LLC or TC of your choice beginning in the month of November through mid-March. The academic college or department will be in contact with you regarding your interest.

Available Living-Learning Communities and Theme Communities include:

Bagley College of Engineering Living-Learning Community: Housed in Hurst Hall and Critz Hall, this TC provides engineering majors an opportunity to live and learn together. Upper-division engineering students serve as mentors providing tutoring and support for the early engineering classes. For more information visit:

College of Architecture, Art and Design Living-Learning Community (CAAD): Housed in Deavenport Hall, Dogwood Hall and Hull Hall, this Living-Learning Community provides freshmen in the College of Architecture, Art and Design an opportunity to live and learn together. With studio-based learning as the predominant teaching methodology in the college, this Living-Learning Community provides CAAD students a context in which to network, study, and work together as they acclimatize to this unique learning format. This Living-Learning Community also provides close proximity to the 24/7 use of our studios in the college. For more information visit:

College of Business and Adkerson School of Accountancy Theme Community: The College of Business and the Adkerson School of Accountancy TC, housed in Moseley Hall, provides freshmen the opportunity to focus on preparing for the business world inside and out. You will experience opportunities to adjust to the university life, the business world, and create long-lasting friendships and business cohorts for life. For more information, visit

College of Forest Resources Living-Learning Community: This LLC for natural resource majors, housed in Cresswell Hall, will provide students an opportunity to attend the same classes, establish study groups, and network and live with like-minded students. The College of Forest Resources is a small college with career paths that provide students continuous interaction with classmates from the first day of college throughout their careers. Students in this LLC will find a valuable opportunity to ease the transition to college and to build relationships within the natural resource field. Students must be Forestry or Wildlife, Fisheries and Aquaculture majors to participate in this LLC. For more information, visit

Day One Leadership Living-Learning Community: Housed in Moseley Hall, Cresswell Hall, and Rice Hall, this LLC accommodates every amenity level. Innovative by design, Day One Freshmen learn together, lead together, using skills gained in the classroom to achieve completion of a "service-learning project." To apply for Day One, visit

PGA Golf Management Living-Learning Community: Housed in Magnolia Hall, this LLC provides Freshmen PGM majors an opportunity to live, study, practice and attend class together. For more information, visit

Shackouls Honors College Living-Learning Community: This residential college community/living-learning community encompasses bed spaces in Griffis Hall and Nunnelee Hall. Incoming freshmen who are admitted to the Shackouls Honors College will be required to live Griffis Hall or Nunnelee Hall during the duration of their freshman year. For more information please visit:

True Global Living-Learning Community: Understanding and valuing cultural differences is a critical need for future professional success and necessary to be a productive and contributing global citizen. Housed in Hull Hall, the True Global Living and Learning Community is a place to make deep and lasting cross-cultural friendships. The community will provide American and international students with opportunities to explore their own cultures and have a unique American college experience. By discovering culture and history together, students will create meaningful dialogue about issues across the world in order to develop a broader understanding of today’s globalized society. For more information and/or to apply, click here.

Transfer Theme Community: Housed in Dogwood Hall, this Theme Community provides transfer students an opportunity to live together in the same building. This community would provide support and encouragement for transfer students to get involved on campus. For more information, please send inquiries to

Mississippi Alliance for Women in Computing Living Learning Community is designed to provide incoming freshman women at Mississippi State University a community experience with other young women in similar majors (computer science, software engineering, and computer engineering), encouraging academic, professional, and personal growth. Acceptance includes a housing scholarship. Applicants interested in the MAW Computing Living Learning Community in the Bagley College of Engineering (BCoE) at Mississippi State University, are required to be in one of the following majors: Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or Software Engineering. The students will receive academic benefits such as tutoring, study areas, professional development opportunities, and mentoring from an upper-division student. For more information please click here.