Housing Assignments: First-Time Freshman

Housing Priority

Housing Priority for First-Time Freshmen is the order in which students will select their room during Online Room Selection in May. The Housing Priority Deadline to submit a housing application and receive a timeslot is April 1.

The order in which timeslots will be issued is based primarily on the student’s date of application for MSU Admissions. The Admission’s application opened on August 1 at midnight. Students whose Admission’s application dates/times are closest to August 1st at midnight will have earlier timeslots and select their rooms before those with a later Admission’s application date.

Housing Priority may be affected by a variety of other factors including, but not limited to, roommate requests (and their date of application for admission to the university), participation in living-learning or theme communities, and other criteria.

Housing Assignments

Online Room Selection (OLRS) is an online self-assignment room selection process for First-Time Freshmen.

In order to participate in OLRS and secure their bed space, freshmen students will first be required to sign their online MSU Housing contract during the month April. Housing Contracts are not tied to a specific assignment and are transferable to any bed space in university student housing. A freshman student’s timeslot - a specific date/time to begin searching for/selecting a housing assignments - will be issued in May according to a student's housing priority (see above). Due to the number of students participating in OLRS, time slots are spread out and scheduled in small waves throughout the month of May.

During the month of June a reassignment request option will be available on the Housing portal. The Housing and Residence Life office will honor reassignment requests according to housing priority based on available spaces due to cancellations. For Fall 2022 / Spring 2023, the Reassignment Request Form will open June 7th at 10am CST. Details will be sent to the students MSU email.

If at any time you are assigned to a double room by yourself (either you do not have a mutually confirmed roommate or your roommate cancels) please be aware that The Housing and Residence Life Office will periodically consolidate rooms within buildings and your assignment could change more than once during the summer.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Housing and Residence Life office by email at housing@saffairs.msstate.edu or by calling us at 662-325-3555.

For detailed information about selecting a bedspace, please visit our list of FAQs about Online Room Selection.

How will my roommate be assigned?

All First-Time Freshmen are required to have a roommate. You will have ample time to search for and select a roommate you are compatiable with. There are a few different ways to obtain a roommate.

  1. Housing Priority for mutually confirmed Roommate Groups becomes that of the roommate with the earliest priority. During their timeslot, the roommate with the earlier of priority will assign both roommates as a Group during Online Room Selection in May. Roommates mutually confirmed in the Portal become a verified ‘Roommate Group’ and the roommate with the earlier timeslot will assign both as a ‘Group’ during Online Room Selection.  Roommates must be mutually confirmed in the portal prior to selecting their room. Roommate Search and Selection will remain open until the end of Online Room Selection. However, it is highly recommended that you confirm your Roommate Group before April 30.

  2. Another option is to use your Fall Roommate Compatibility Questionaire answers on the application to search for a roommate with similar answers to those lifestyle questions. These questions include such items as bedtime, amount of quiet needed, study habits in room, neatness, and room temperature. Students may contact suggested potential roommates via the OLRS messaging system or msstate.edu email.

  3. If you do not have a preferred roommate, your answers to the lifestyle compatibility questions that you answered on the housing application will assist you in selecting a compatible roommate during OLRS. Students who do not mutually request a roommate by April 1st can select a room with someone based on their answers to the lifestyle questions.