Marketing in the Halls

Posting Policies

If you are interested in advertising in University Student Housing, please complete the form below for approval.

HRL Advertising Request Form

  • Posters, messages, flags, message boards, and other media distributed within, on or around the residence halls must be approved by HRL prior to distribution and/or posting in residence hall areas.
  • If you have flyers or posters you would like to be hung in the halls you must bring 17 or 34 of these to the Main Housing Office in Dogwood Hall for HRL staff to approve and distribute to the residence halls.
  • Content Disclaimer: The advertisement, posters, flyers, notices, signs or banners should adhere to all university policies and state and federal laws. Promoting the use of alcohol and/or illegal substances is also prohibited. It may not include any reference to or support of violations to the code of student conduct, residence hall policies, federal, state or local law. The Department of Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to reject or remove any posting.
  • Residents, organizations or departments may not distribute materials directly within the residence halls as it is handled exclusively by HRL.
  • Postings not bearing the HRL approval logo will be removed from residence hall boards, and may result in the posting’s sponsor being denied approval in the future.
  • Advertising for commercial (i.e., profit-making) purposes by businesses, organizations, entities, or individuals must be approved by the Director for Residence Education & Occupancy Management, Dante Hill. All commercial advertising will be placed in a pre-determined location in each lobby. Door-to-door delivery of commercial advertising is prohibited.
  • Students are free to post signs, artwork, advertisements, etc. on the exterior side of the door to their individual room as outlined in the Decorating Policies. Resident Advisers may ask students with postings that violate law or university policy to remove them.


  • Door-to-door solicitation is prohibited in University Student Housing. Student groups wishing to solicit in residence hall lobbies must obtain permission from the Director for Residence Education & Occupancy Management, Dante Hill, and the Community Director(s) involved. There is a detailed university solicitation policy.
  • Residence hall rooms may not be used by students and/or student groups as places of business or operating/maintaining a business.