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Rules and Regulations

Two objectives of higher education are to develop self-reliance and to form desirable and acceptable habits of conduct. All students living in on-campus housing at Mississippi State University are expected to adhere to the ordinary rules of polite society, respect the rights of others, and have regard for the preservation of state and university property as well as the private property of others. If residents have questions about this subject or if they are involved in infractions of housing regulations, their first contact should be their Residence Director.

Room Keys

  • Room keys are issued by the residence director and are the sole responsibility of the residents to whom they are issued. Keys must be returned to the residence hall staff when a resident vacates an assigned room.
  • If a key is lost or stolen, the resident is responsible for reporting it to the residence director and for paying a lock change fee. Because of the security risk, it is important to report lost keys immediately.
  • If a student attempts to turn in a key at check-out which was duplicated off-campus, the situation will be treated as a lost key. A key which is not returned in accordance with the proper check-out procedure will be considered a lost key, and the student will be billed accordingly. Keys cannot be accepted by information assistants or custodial staff. Keys may not be slid under staff members' doors or left with a roommate.
  • The following policy applies when a student is locked out of his or her room. This policy serves as a safeguard for both the student and the University.
    • Student room doors will be opened only for the occupant(s) of a room. If the student is not known by the staff member, the student will be required to show some form of picture identification.
    • Custodians and information assistants will not unlock rooms for students. Students will be referred to a resident assistant or the residence director.
    • Residents will be charged a minimum of $7.50 each time a staff member must open a door because of a forgotten or misplaced key.

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